Project area:

The Basaksehir district, located in the European side of Istanbul, is known as the new center of the city, as major government infrastructure projects go to it or surround it, especially the new Istanbul airport, the Istanbul Water Canal and the largest medical city in Turkey and Europe, in addition to its acquisition of large green spaces, all these advantages It made it one of the best investment areas, not only in Istanbul, but in all of Turkey.

Project details:

This project consists of 7 buildings with heights of up to 4 floors, including 575 apartments, in styles ranging from 2 to 4, with full kitchen equipment and wide views of the city and the project garden through the balconies of all apartments.

This project has many social and recreational advantages represented by open and closed (separate) swimming pools, through the Turkish bath and sauna room, in addition to the gym with its technical equipment, football and basketball fields, up to 50 shops designated to serve as shopping centers, restaurants and cafes.

The importance of the project site:

The project is surrounded by many services that the residents require such as hospitals, schools, universities and shopping centers, as it is at a distance:
5 minutes from Basaksehir Hospital.
10 minutes from Ibn Khaldoun University.
15 minutes from Istanbul’s third airport.
20 minutes from Mall of Istanbul and a shopping mall.

The residential and investment importance of owning the project:

This project is located in the new center of Istanbul “Başakşehir”, because the major government projects are heading to this area, which makes it one of the best investment areas at all, as it is one of the areas that witnessed reconstruction, in addition to the fact that this project is guaranteed by the Turkish government and has wide residential and investment options within Average location for all major services.

An overview of the construction company:

The project increases the importance of the project, as it commends a partnership between “Başakşehir Municipality, Zamil Saudi Company, and Fozol Construction Company”, which has earned it two advantages: the government guarantee on the one hand and the quality of construction and materials used in building technology on the other hand, all of these factors made it one of the integrated projects in the city It is at the forefront of options for many investors wishing to own real estate.


  • Reference: HCC-IST 124
  • name: Ziad Sabbagh
  • phone: +90 538 372 65 10
  • Year built: 2021
  • Type: Residence
  • Sold: No
  • Location: Istanbul , Bahçeşehir
  • Home area: 70 sqft
  • Lot area: 94 sqft
  • Material: Private
  • Rooms: 1
  • Beds: 2
  • Baths: 1
  • Garages: 1


  • Air conditioning
  • Cable TV
  • Garden
  • GYM
  • Jacuzzi
  • Lake View
  • Metro Station
  • Near To Metro Station
  • Parking
  • Sauna
  • Sea View
  • Security
  • Swimming Pool


Basaksehir Hospital
Khaldoun University
10 MIN
Istanbul Airport
15 MIN
Mall of Istanbul
20 MIN
shopping mall
20 MIN


50 %
95 %


Contact Information

Ziad Sabbagh

+90 538 372 65 10

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