Mr. Al-Siddiq Salem Al-Siddiq – Libya

Al Hayat Real Estate Consultancy is a highly professional company with long experience in the field of real estate and commercial marketing. Any experience with them was excellent, as I frequently visited Turkey – Istanbul and found it to be a very successful country for real estate investment, especially because of my knowledge of Mr. Ziad Sabbagh, the company’s sales manager, as he convinced me to buy an investment property in the municipality of Esenyurt, the new and very developed areas adjacent to the metro project and the new Istanbul Canal. He was credited with choosing the right property, ie, according to the available budget and in comfortable installments. I would like to thank Al-Hayat Company – HCC for their tireless and sincere work in the field of real estate marketing, and I would like to thank Mr. Ziad Sabbagh personally for his great interest in me personally. I advise all the Arab community in general, and the Libyan community in particular, to deal with this respectable and reliable company. Thank you very much

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